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Welcome to my Original Chaperones Website
Hello Everyone
My name is Tommy Ronca original and founder of The Chaperones since 1957. I am proud to say The Chaperones were one of first Doo Wop singing groups in America. We sang at a time when Rock n’ Roll was new and exciting.  When Dion and the Belmont’s were the number one group in the world and the Doo Wop Genre’ was the sound of the day. I remember it like it was yesterday. We worked with some of the great groups and singers in many different Rock n’ Roll shows like, The Murray The K Show, The Clay Cole Show, The Cousin Brucie Show and The Dick Clark Show, We worked with The Heartbeats, Franky Lyman and the Teenagers, The Elegants, Bobby Darrin, Freddy Cannon, The Mystics, Larry Chance and the Earls, Little Anthony and The Imperials, The Dupree’s, Speedo and The Cadillac’s, The Coasters, The Drifters and so many more fabulous performers.

This Original Chaperones website is dedicated to all the singers and players that have worked with the Chaperones though out the years and the memories we all have in our hearts. Hope you enjoy it and thanks for visiting us.

Tommy Ronca

Chaperones 1959
Tommy Ronca, Roy Marchesano, Richie Messina
Tony Amato,  Nick Salvato
The Chaperones Singers & Players 1958 / 2000
Johnny Contino 
Cuzin’ Vinnie Esposito
Danny Barret
Chris Amato
Anthony Amato Jr
Charlie Molica
Pete Perez
Joey Vero
Kim Chlandra
Donny Alaimo
Danny Sasatori
Al Preta
Joe Vespe
Ken Scheidecker

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